Monday, February 22, 2010


Today I'm sharing a link to one of my favorite blogs, by my sister Sofi. It's called Vagamunda, which is Spanish for "vagabond" or "wanderer." It's a pretty unique blog, with a whole slew of different topics. As the description says, her blog is "a chic combination of my passion for travel, fashion, writing, and a little bit of politics with the purpose of transmitting my love for the aforementioned with like-minded individuals."

Post titles have included "The Pashmina: God's Gift to Womankind," "Je Suis Fatigue!", "Comfort Food with History," and "Taxes=Blah and Boring." One of my favorite posts so far begins with:

"It's MLK day in post racism Georgia, so I'm enjoying a day off from school, relishing the result of white guilt and affirmative action."

I love my sister :-)

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