Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Famous People with Celiac Disease

A quick post today, since I'm 1. busy 2. distracted 3. trying to avoid ranting about my school and how they are being so ridiculous about my meal plan.

A while back (as in, before this blog...which wasn't that long ago), I googled "celebrities with celiac disease." There aren't actually that many famous celiacs (that we know of). But there are a few interesting ones (as well as a few who are GF or wheat-free for other reasons):

  • John F. Kennedy (suspected--he was never actually diagnosed)
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Jim Carrey
  • Katherine, Duchess of Kent. She suffered for years before she finally received the right diagnosis. When asked by the Daily Mail in 1999 about her long history of illness, her reply was simply that "none of us goes through life unscathed".
  • Elizabeth Hasselbeck, of "Survivor" fame. She realized she was gluten-intolerant when, while on "Survivor," she lived mainly on rice and fish and felt much healthier.
  • Sarah Vowell (she is often on NPR and voiced Violet in "The Incredibles").
  • Emmy Rossum. The picture below is of her eating the frosting off of a cupcake that someone at MTV (who didn't wikipedia her, apparently) gave her.

Other famous people include Billy Bob Thornton, Susie Essman, Goldie Hawn, Jane Swift, and others that I found but don't know/care about at all.

Okay, so this is kind of a stupid post, but whatever :-)

This post is also proof that I barely remember HTML. Fail...

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