Friday, March 12, 2010

Make Your Own Wine?

I just found this site that provides instructions for making your own wine. No way! I had no idea this kind of thing could be done; then again, it makes sense--why shouldn't you be able to make cheap alcohol with a few ingredients from the grocery store?

The basic gist of it is this:

  1. Get some cans of grape juice from concentrate (that does not contain dyes, preservatives, etc), sugar, water, champagne yeast, container(s), bleach (for sterilizing equipment before use), and balloons.
  2. Mix the ingredients and pour them into the containers (the guy on the site used gallon-sized water jugs).
  3. Place balloons over the openings of the jugs (to catch the CO2) and let sit for ~2 weeks.

And voila! Large quantities of extremely crappy wine! I'm sure it tastes awful, but this seems like a fun project. I might try it sometime, when I have plenty of space, and grape juice from concentrate is on sale (otherwise a few $2 wine bottles would be cheaper).

Here's the site:

I wonder if it could ever be as gross as boxed wine... :-)

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